What about Aerion Packaging & Consulting jobs / Mission examples

  • New or existing product industrialization Follow up
  • Process / Product Validation
  • Calibration between plants, in different geographical areas
  • Calibration of product produced in different geographical areas
  • Product or Process AuditQuality audit
  • Technical Support (Product or Process)
  • Technical advice
  • Technical Support in Case of Dispute
  • Aerosol Standards Training
  • Project management training/support

The Betelgeuse project

Revolutionary project, the only solution to crimp a high pressure aerosol can at controlled cost.
Patent granted

Who is Franck Flécheux?

After 30 years of experience in the packaging industry, including more than 20 years of experience in the Aerosols industry, as R & D Director of one of the leading manufacturers of Aerosol Aluminum, he follows all developments in the field of Aerosols over the past twenty years. 

  • Shaped cans since 1996
  • All embossed cans on the market
  • The transfer cans
  • The Aerosol regulation evolutions
  • The internal coatings
  • Aluminum Bottles

Every day, I worked with the primary aim to prevent technical problems with new and existing products to ensure the safety of the Aerosol industry.

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