The Betelgeuse LabKit

The LabKit composition is :

  • 500 high pressure Alu cans
  • 500 valves
  • A Sealing machine with tooling

Aerion Packaging & Conseil offers a LabKit, with high pressure cans, Betelgeuse valves and a sealing machine easy to use, allowing the formulators to seal can and valve safely at higher internal pressure resistance than the existing market standard ones.

Consequently, thanks to Betelgeuse option, formulators are now able to develop and test themselves new formulation opportunities linked to the capability of very high internal pressure in the revolutionary and highly efficient aerosols can/valve Betelgeuse connection design.

The Betelgeuse LabKit is an Aerion Packaging & Conseil product, ready for sale, to carry out validation test (All design patented) :

Betelgeuse Project - LabKit

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